Soul is the childhood friend of Chocolat and the twin brother of Woo. He is also a wizard.

Overview Edit

Just like his brother, Soul has a deep liking towards Chocolat, often arguing about who gets to be Chocolat's king once she gets the crown. Later (but early) in the manga, him and Woo visit the Human world and enroll in Chocolat and Vanilla's school, as knights for the girls to make sure they stay safe.

In chapter 10, after being put in prison, he tells Chocolat there is an ecure shortage. Chocolat was shocked at this because she never expected that to happen, and because the Magical World's energy source is ecure. He then asks her if she picked up any hearts, to which her answer was no.


Soul, just like his twin brother, has a brash personality which can land him into trouble.

Appearance Edit

He is a dark-skinned boy with dark blue eyes and pointed witch ears and wears earrings. On his head, he has a hat-like scarf and wears a green scarf over his neck, with a baggy shirt and pants, along with pointed elf shoes.

Abilities Edit

Flight: Just like most witches, he has the ability to fly.

Flute: He is also able to play the flute, and carries it with him wherever he goes. In Rune 14, it is revealed that his flute is so powerful, it can even make a dragon fall asleep.

Relationships Edit

  • Woo: The twin brother of Woo. Just like normal brothers, they often argue a lot. They both have the same crush.
  • Chocolat: The childhood friend of Chocolat. When he saw Pierre kissing Chocolat's hand, he got angry.
  • Vanilla: The childhood friend of Vanilla.
  • Waffle: Soul and Waffle have a love-hate relationship together, as hinted in the anime. They are often seen bickering with each other.
  • Pierre: Soul got angry when he saw him kissing Chocolat's hand.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is Willow in French.
  • Unlike his brother, Soul never got with someone.