She is the captain of the Queen's Guard.  She is the commander of hundreds of Les Palais Guards. It is shown that she can also be a bit hasty.

Overview Edit

Platol is the commanding officer of the guards of the palace. When Platol saw Chocolat, she mistook her as an ogre, and began attacking her, nearly killing her.

Platol can be seen participating at the battle between witches and ogres, but is quickly beaten by a spell cast by Vanilla.

Platol ties down Chocolat with Le Ruban Du Douleur to keep her from running away, while offering her a small, diamond earring that she claims will make Chocolat the most popular among the boys, as she knows that Chocolat is having trouble obtaining hearts.


She is ruthless and will do anything to protect Queen Candy.

Appearance Edit

Platol takes the appearance of a pirate. She has neck-length orange hair and light skin. She wears a purple (white in the anime) sleeveless bandaged shirt that wraps her neck, but reveals a small bit of her breasts, and a large gold-green necklace.She wears brownish yellow gloves, amber eyes, and green eyeliner (manga). She also wears tight pant

s and long, knee length boots.


Le Ruban du douleur: (Ribbon of Pain)

Ruban d'ailes: (Summon Magical World Birdline)

Relationships Edit

Queen Candy: Platol would risk her life to protect the queen.