School outfit
Chocola and Vanilla are two witches competing for the throne of the Magical World. The winner is to capture as many hearts as possible, but the task isn't as easy for Chocola. Chocola's brute and aggressive attitude is less charismatic in the Human World - where their examination is.


01 "Chocolat, Hearts,and the Shooting star"
"Choko to Hāto no Nagareboshi" (チョコとハートの流れ星)
It is the year 42332 in the Magical World and it is decided that two girls, brave Chocolat Meilleure and timid Vanilla Mieux, are going to be 'Queen Candidates' - a test to see who will collect the most human hearts as they can to become the next queen. They are given each a pendant to put their hearts in, and a wand. The test commences and Chocolat and Vanilla are sent to the Human World.
02 "The Love Battle Between Frog and Mouse"
"Kaeru to Nezumi no Rabu Batoru" (かえるとねずみのラブバトル)
Chocolat has earned the lowest ranking heart, a 'pee'. To increase their chances, the girls summon their familiars. Instead of being loyal slaves to the girls though, each familiar has its own personality and soon a war rages between white mouse Blanca and Duke the frog. 
03 "Unscheduled Newspaper Club Interview"
"Shinbun-bu Totsugeki Intabyū" (新聞部とつげき☆インタビュー)
Blanca is able to give extremely effective advice and therefore Vanilla's heart points are finally pouring in. Due to her shy personality, all of her classmates are full of orange hearts, which Vanilla takes. For Chocolat, things are not going so well. Duke, her stripy frog familiar, is useless when it comes to advice and Chocolat's comments from the previous day have boys scared of her even more than before. A boy named Nishitani starts to take an unhealthy interest in Chocolat though and it appears her love life may just be taking a turn for the better. 
04 "The Magic Lipstick Hints of Love"
"Mahō no Rippu wa Koi no Yokan" (魔法のリップは恋の予感)
The class is putting on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and the director Manabe is ordering all the ators and actresses around. After hearing that Manabe can't tell her feelings to Hayato, who is playing Romeo, Chocolat orders the lipstick of truth to help Manabe, when Haruka(who has the role of Juliet) doesn't show up on the day of the play, Manabe takes the part of Juliet. Chocolat uses the lipstick of truth and Manabe finally tells Hayato her feelings. 
05 "Crazy Nervous!! Home Visit"
"Dokidoki Harahara!! Katei Hōmon" (ドキドキハラハラ!!家庭訪問)
While having a few thoughts on Chocolat and Vanilla, Mochizuki-sensei realizes she has yet to give them a home visit. It is obvious to the Queen Candidates that she only wants to see Rockin' Robin, who is their guardian. Determined to live out her schoolgirl dream of spending a night with him, Mochizuki hounds the girls and informs them that she will be at their house the following night. The time of Mochizuki-sensei's visit comes though and Robin is called to an unexpected photoshoot. Chocolat and Vanilla are forced to take things into their own hands and use a mysterious fortune telling book they found. They are both anxious, as if their teacher sees the magic in the house, it will be a disaster. 
06 "Aim for the Heart! Fencing for Love"
"Hāto o Nerae! Koi no Fenshingu" (ハートをねらえ!恋のフェンシング)
When Chocolat discovers a star fencer by the name of Night-switch, she sees that this fencer is actually a magic user and excells at taking hearts. Chocolat sparks an idea from this and then decides to do some fencing too. At the fencing club she meets Pierre, a middle school student who seems to never fail in making others admire him. He challenges Chocolat that if she wins one point from him, then she can join the club. She takes up his offer but loses to Pierre. However, Pierre's charm makes Chocolat reveal her heart, endangering her because if a wizard or witch has her/his heart taken, their soul is lost and they will die. 
07 "Chocolat Lost Her Qualifications as a Queen Candidate!?"
"Shokora, Joō Kōho Shikkaku!?" (ショコラ, 女王候補失格!?)
Blanca, who always sprouts an argument with Chocolat, teases her about Cinnamon, the orange-haired girl's mother who passed away after Queen Candy took the throne. Chocolat, enraged by this, travels back to the Magical World and meets up with her old friends Soul and Woo to learn more about Cinnamon. Unfortunately, she doesn't know that if she goes back to the Magical World without permission, she can be disqualified. When Robin finds out about this, he also goes back to the Magical World trying to save Chocolat from being disqualified. Halfway through the decision of disqualifying Chocolat, Vanilla enters the palace and says that she herself left the human world to go back to the Magical World without the permission of Robin as well. Later on the court decides to disqualify both of them of being the queen candidates. Queen Candy who is impressed with their heart collecting efforts gives both of them another chance. 
08 "The Vacation Date of a Lady"
"Redi-na Kibun no Bakansu Dēto" (レディな気分のバカンスデート)
Deemed to capture Prince Pierre's hearts, Chocolat volunteered a trip to Pierre's villa and meets together with a very annoyed gang of his "fan club" and a very scared Vanilla. She decides to purchase a pair of magic shoes in order to look older and more attractive. Chocolat goes through a series of events, until the shoes lose control making her back into her normal age. She goes home learning her lesson. 
09 "A Green Heart Present"
"Midori no Hāto ga Kuretamono" (緑のハートがくれたもの)
Akira, the sci-fi fan in Chocolat and Vanilla's class (who believes them to be extraterrestrials after witnessing them falling from the Moon) is on sick leave, and Chocolat is asked to deliver a note to him. However, they realize his sickness was a pretense as he was searching for Hiroshi, his dog, who has disappeared. Chocolat organises a search party, but fails to find it. After seeing Hiroshi'd collar on the balcony fence Akira assumes Hiroshi drowned and then becomes ill, revealing the fact that he really did have an illness. In the end they find Hiroshi, who had been waiting the whole time for Akira's dad to come home. 
10 "Learn from Robin! Love-Love Mission"
"Robin ni Manabe! Rabu-Rabu Daisakusen" (ロビンに学べ!ラブラブ大作戦)
Chocolat and Vanilla sneak into Robin's studio, looking for clues on how to become an excellent heart-collector like him. After taking notes the girls decide to try their new strategies out. but however they keep failing. 
11 "More Important than Love!? Friendship Magic"
"Koi Yori Taisetsu!? Yūjō Mahō" (恋より大切!?友情魔法)
Shiratori, a girl in Chocolat and Vanilla's class, asked for Vanilla's help, because she's keen to make a particular boy fall for her. 
12 "Chocolat Turns Into a Cat!?"
"Shokora, Neko ni Naru!?" (ショコラ, ネコになる!?)
After discovering everybody is keen on cute cats, Chocolat decides to turn into a cat herself. However, she accidentally loses her magic necklace. Vanilla and the familiars help with the search. Chocolat eventually finds it but falls into a river. She is rescued by Pierre's cat and is brought to his home. She runs away after Pierre kisses her on the forehead and is finally restored to normal. 
13 "A Brilliant Heart! The Queen Candidate Test"
"Kagayake Hāto! Joō Kōho Shiken" (輝けハート!女王候補試験)
The Mid-term exam for the Queen Candidates is near; in order to pass, they must capture as many rainbow-coloured hearts as possible from other girls. Vanilla tries to give cookies, then Chocolat holds a party, named 'Sugar Rune' in their house. The party is a success and Chocolat gathers many hearts. 
14 "The Magic-Using Transfer Students"
"Mahō Tsukai no Tenkōsei" (魔法使いの転校生)
Two new boys join Chocolat and Vanilla's class- they are actually Woo and Soul, friends of the girls from the Magical World, having been told to protect them – but from what? The young wizards are provoked by Pierre the heart-throb into a one-set tennis match. With some quick flicks of magic they beat him. 
15 "The Contrary Macaron Pandemonium!?"
"Abekobe Makaron de Daikonran!?" (あべこべマカロンで大混乱!?)
Chocolat decide to purchase Hair-Care Macarons through the magic mail-order system. She shares them with Vanilla, but they find themselves within each other's body. Chocolat had written the wrong code and received a box of Topsy-turvy Macarons instead. Their class notices their personalities now are very different, and they get mad at each other. They break up after Duke suggested all of Chocolat's actions were all on purpose. 
16 "Chocola Becomes an Idol!"
"Shokora, Aidoru ni Naru!" (ショコラ, アイドルになる!)
Everybody in the town is into the hit TV series "The Magical Knights". They are thrilled when the actors pay a visit to a fair, and even more so when told they will be able to visit them in person in the studio. Chocolat, however, does not believe that one of the protagonists, Coco, is not an actress, but a mage instead. Then, by the next minute, after chatting with Coco, she leaves Chocolat wearing the costume and forces her to act instead. 
17 "Grandpa's Invasion! Dance of Love Showdown"
"Ojii Shūrai! Koi no Dansu Taiketsu" (おじい襲来!恋のダンス対決)
Chocolat's grandfather is about to visit the girls from the Magical World. Almost everybody sinks into a panic except for Vanilla and her familiar Blanca, who has no idea of the have that Chocolat's grandfather can cause. Since Chocolat wanted her grandfather to leave they made a deal; If he collected the most hearts at the dance-off he would stay. If Chocolat won, her Grandfather would leave. They began the showdown but in the end Chocolat's grandfather wins. She soon found out what the showdown was for. Grandfather leaves anyway which left everyone satisfied. 
18 "Super Scary! Halloween Test of Courage!?"
"Chō Kowa! Harowin Kimodameshi!?" (超こわ!ハロウィン肝試し!?)

Halloween is coming up, and Chocolat volunteered substituting Vanilla for a membership in the Commission of Halloween Activities. Surprisingly, Chocolat's suggestion has been passed. and one of its members, Yurika, is kindly offering Chocolat to her grand mansion of a home for further discussions on the activity. They had become good friends and Chocolat's suggestion was a big hit. But then when it was time for Chocolat to light the Bonfire, she was locked in by the members (Pierre's fan club) and was stuck inside. Pierre then went to Chocolat and made it look like he was planning to get them out. Then Yurika then unlocks the door seeing Chocolat's hand being held by Pierre but soon lets go. Chocolat saw her Black heart and was thinking that it's because of her. But Chocolat was happy seeing that Yurika and her were still good friends after that. 

19 "Familiar Blanca's Bite-Sized Love"
"Tsukaima Buranka no Chitchana Koi" (使い魔ブランカのちっちゃな恋)
Blanca, Vanilla's mouse familiar, has volunteered cooking for the four young witches and wizards, and the dishes are all made out of...cheese! What's more, Blanca is eagerly cooking more cheese meals for them; the next thing Chocolat knows: Blanca is taking a job in the cheese store in her human form, and the handsome owner of the cheese store looks a bit fishy to Chocolat. Next thing that Chocolat finds out about that Blanca was in love with a human and tries to keep it a secret. Will their secret be revealed and will Blanca receive a punishment for falling in love with a human? 
20 "Chocola Pinch? Application for Lovely Witch"
"Shokora Pinchi? Kawaii Majo Shigan" (ショコラピンチ?かわいい魔女志願)
Chocolat used her magic to boost her ice-cream, and oh no, her process of magic-using has been witnessed: by a little girl called Sophia! Panic-striken, Chocolat tried to cover the whole thing vain. And now the little girl sounded SO keen to learn magic from her! Will Chocolat get out of the mess she created...again? 
21 "The Dreamy Magical Teacups"
"Mahō no Tī Kappu wa Yume Kibun" (魔法のティーカップは夢気分)
Curious about the nature of dreams, especially one of her own in which she REALLY became the Queen, Chocolat purchased the Teacup of Dreams so she can sneak into other people's hearts AND passions thus making heart-hunts easier. And the open-air cafe raised by the two four young wizards and witches were a hit! Oh, no, Pierre's here too, what will his dreams look like? 
22 "Chocolat & Vanilla: Triangle Relationship?"
"Shokora & Banira: Koi no Sankaku Kankei?" (ショコラ&バニラ 恋の三角関係?)
Chocolat and Vanila are capturing hearts, as usual, but a mysterious boy shows up, and Vanilla has set her eyes on him. But, Chocolat has a lack of hearts, and is determined to get his heart. As the battle rages on, who will be victorious? 
23 "Run Run! Friendship Relay"
"Hashire Hashire! Yūjō Rirē" (走れ走れ!友情リレー)
Chocolat is now in a four-girl relay team for the Athletic Carnival. Unfortunately this might be the last time Sakiko, probably the most keen runner in the team, can run with her friends because her father is being transferred to London. However Sakiko is now suffering a strained ankle and a heart almost shattered by the fact that she might have to quit the game! Chocolat decides to save the day again. 
24 "Bye-bye, Heart-Shaped Hair Accessory"
"Bai-bai, Hāto no Kamikazari" (バイバイ, ハートの髪飾り)
Chocolat has got herself a heart-shaped hair clip, spiked with a little magic to keep herself shine among the boys, who soon become as tired as zombies because they keep getting their love-hearts drained by the power of the hair clip. Later that night when she is talking to Vanilla she thanks a boy for what he has given her – a bright and beautiful pink heart. 
25 "Pierre's Secret, The Diary's Secret"
"Piēru no Himitsu, Techō no Himitsu" (ピエールの秘密, 手帳の秘密)
Robin tells them about the presence of the race of Ogres in their school. Robin and the others believe that Pierre is an Ogre and is targeting Chocolat. Chocolat is invited by Pierre to dine with him at lunch but will Chocolat go? 
26 "Christmas is for Hearts of Love"
"Kurisumasu ni wa Koisuru Hāto" (クリスマスには恋するハート)
The girls are planning to have a Christmas party at Chocolat's house. Mayu likes Morita, so they plan to help her confess. 
27 "A Tiny Heart, Crimson Heart"
"Chiisana Hāto, Makkana Hāto" (小さなハート, まっ赤なハート)
After a flying accident, Chocolat and Vanilla find themselves at Akira's house, with a little boy who turns out to be his cousin. Aside from being attracted to the New Year celebrations, Chocolat notices that the little boy's heart is glowing red
28 "Danger! Aquarium Date"
"Abunai! Suizokukan Dēto" (危ない!水族館デート)
Pierre asks Chocolat out on a date to the aquarium. Vanilla told Chocolat not to go but Chocolat insist, and she thinks that this might be the chance to find out Pierre's true identity, as well as to take Pierre's heart. But then, a team of Pierre's middle school fanclub came, and they saw Pierre and Chocolat. They are jealous, and their Noir heart appeared. Pierre created a barrier so no one can see and took all their noir hearts. Chocolat was nearly defeated, but thanks to Vanilla's fragrances, Chocolat was saved. Chocolat dumped Pierre by not like him anymore, which Pierre had a pain in his heart for a short time. Did Pierre had another heart for Chocolat? 
29 "Magical World Genesis, Secret of the Ogre"
"Makai Sōseiki, Oguru no Himitsu" (魔界創世記, オグルの秘密)
Chocolat and the gang attends a former teacher's wedding, during which she sneaks away to seek answers from the Queen regarding Ogres. The founding of the magical world is revealed. 
30 "Ogre's Declaration of War! Crisis of the Heart Factory"
"Oguru Sensen Fukoku! Hāto Kōjō Kiki Ippatsu" (オグル宣戦布告!ハート工場危機一髪)
This time the candidate exam is being held in the Magical World. Whoever converts the most hearts into energy passes, but Chocolat bosses her workers around and now they refuse to work! The Heart Factory is then attacked by a black dragon. Will Chocolat and Vanilla be able to finish their exam? 
31 "The Harassing Witch Waffle Makes Her Appearance!"
"Osawagase Majo Waffuru Tōjō!" (お騒がせ魔女·ワッフル登場!)
Chocolat goes boy crazy due to Waffle's potion. Will she be able to keep her heart when she meets up with Pierre? When Waffle heard about this boy named Pierre, Waffle decide to get him and meet up in the tower. Can Chocolat save herself from Pierre because of the love postion? While that, Pierre talk about if Chocolat want to be a Orge Queen. When Waffle heard from Vanilla that Pierre was a Orge, Waffle's service had a cookie that stopped the love postion. 
32 "Chocolat, Desirious Thoughts of Chocolate"
"Shokora, Choko ni Kometa Omoi" (ショコラ, チョコにこめた想い)
It's Valentine's Day and everyone's excited, the girls are planning who to give chocolates to, while the boys bet on who will receive the most. But while Vanilla has chocolate for all, Chocolat can only think of Pierre... 
33 "Heart of Friendship, Important Feelings"
"Yūjō no Hāto, Taisetsuna Omoi" (友情のハート, 大切な想い)
Chocolat has been thinking of Pierre lately, but when she thinks of him she is just hurt. But her friend Mimura noticed that Chocolat is not herself, so invites her to an amusement park. But when they got there it was closed so Chocolat had to use magic and Waffle helps her so that she can have fun too.Chocolat sees a green heart in Mimura, but she didn't take it for the sake of their friendship. 
34 "Chocola and Vanila and the Star of Dreams"
"Shokora to Banira to Yume no Hoshi" (ショコラとバニラと夢の星)
Waffle has made breakfeast for Houx but he turns her down as her breakfeast doesn't seem to be edible. After Chocolat insults her saying she is cute and looks like she is playing house with Houx, she decides to try and make Chocolat young again, thinking that if Chocolat is younger than her, Houx will fall in love with Waffle. But the plan backfires as her nanny performs the wrong spell for the occasion and ends up letting Waffle see a childhood memory that Houx, Saule, Vanilla, and Chocolat share. 
35 "Waffle Becomes a Queen!"
"Waffuru, Joō-sama ni Naru!" (ワッフル, 女王様になる!)
When waffle saw the man from the magical item shop she asked him if he had something to make someone fall in love with her but the man from the shop refused her and run away. Waffle chased after the man but then a package fell and Waffle seem to open it. When she tried to put it on she decided to test it, everyone was under her spell. Finally the man from the shop came and said that they need to take it out from her because it's defective, but the crown has a mind of its own. Can they take the crown off of Waffle? 
36 "Stop the Old Man! Nanny's Secret Mission"
"Ojii o Tomero! Bāya no Maru Hi Daisakusen" (おじいを止めろ!ばあやの(秘)大作戦)
Chocolat's Grandfather came back to the human world and invited Chocolat and the others to relax for a while. But Nanny is ticked off with her Grandfather. So they made a plan to make him return to the magical world but in the middle of the date Nanny's magic couldn't handle anymore so she confront him and asked why he has to return in the human world. What did they realized of why grandfather came in the human world? 
37 "The Black Heart and the Ogre's Trap"
"Kuroi Hāto to Oguru no Wana" (黒いハートとオグルの罠)
Pierre asks Chocolat to be his Ogre Queen. Will Chocolat agree? 
38 "Pierre's Temptation, the Broken Friendship"
"Piēru no Yūwaku, Hikisakareta Yūjō" (ピエールの誘惑, 引き裂かれた友情)
Chocolat is asked to be a candidate for student council and Vanilla gets jealous. Pierre pretends to gain her trust to turn her into his dark Queen.Chocolat's popularity causes Vanilla to doubt herself. Pierre steps in offering comfort, causing a rift between the friends. 
39 "Birth, Queen of Ogre"
"Tanjō, Oguru no Kuīn" (誕生, オグルのクイーン)
Vanilla becomes a Noir Princess, with a black heart. Will Chocolat be able to save her? 
40 "Needle of Envy"
"Shitto no Kuroi Hari" (嫉妬の黒い針)
Vanilla unleases an envy spell on Chocolat's new friend, turning him from romantic (pink) to noir. Will Chocolat be able to help him with his obsession about her? 
41 "Showdown with Vanila! The Secret Spice"
"Banira to Taiketsu! Himitsu no Supaisu" (バニラと対決!秘密のスパイス)
Chocolat gives Vanila some berries from a plant which Vanila loved. Will Vanilla return back to normal? Or will it make her worse? Pierre's servant enters the school and gives out a potion that makes food more delicious, making all the people that have the potion have a noir heart. 
42 "Chocolat and Pierre's Adventure"
"Shokora Piēru, Futari Kiri no Bōken" (ショコラ·ピエール, ふたりきりの冒険)
Chocolat and the whole class are invited by Vanilla to a magic ocean. Chocolat gets trapped in Forgotten Cave with Pierre after he rescues her. Pierre then becomes confused over his feelings for Chocolat. Is it love? Will Chocolat fall back in love with Pierre now that he isn't cold? Will they escape? They enter a space of memories and discover they knew each other in the past? 
43 "Invitation to the Night of Walpurgis"
"Varupurugisu no Yoru e no Shōtai" (ヴァルプルギスの夜への招待)
Chocolat is invited to the Walpurgus festival held for the magical community of the human world. Pierre and Vanila are there too. But the Ogre faction breaks the wards to the occasion - will war be close at hand? And some mystery guy saves Chocolat once again. 
44 "Message from Mama"
"Mama kara no Messēji" (ママからのメッセージ)
Using a special treasure picked up from the mysterious witch, Chocolat's able to summon the key to her mama's diary, discovering the links between Cinnamon and Queen Candy as well the reason behind her death. Pierre's noir heart begins to falter, will he suppress his growing feelings for Chocolat? 
45 "Pierre's Strategy, Vanila’s heart"
"Piēru no Sakuryaku, Banira no Hāto" (ピエールの策略, バニラのハート)
Pierre's statergy enables Vanila to collect more hearts which however causes her more pain. Chocolat, in desperation to help her friend, decides to seek the witch of Cocoa desert, whose existence was found on a note in her mother's diary. However, she lives on the edge of the Magical World... 
46 "Witch of Cocoa Desert, Ombre"
"Kokoa Sabaku no Majo Anburu" (ココア砂漠の魔女·アンブル)
Chocolat tries to find Ombre to save Vanilla. With the help of Duke, they reach Cocoa dessert. Suddenly Ombre's house appears. At first Ombre was hard to talk to but she finally agrees to help them. She tells Chocolat to find a flower called Mandragora and pick its petals.Chocolat founded the flower,but before she could get the flower, Pierre appears and tries to stop Chocolat. But ends up saving Chocolat from falling. After that, Waffle grabs hold the Mandragora making it almost scream. But with the help of Chocolat, they receive its petals and gives it to Ombre. 
47 "Frozen Memories, Pierre's Past"
"Kōtta Kioku, Piēru no Kako" (凍った記憶, ピエールの過去)
Still on the quest of helping Vanilla get rid of her black heart, Chocolat and her friends seek out the last ingredient to make a powerful magic. Together with her friends they seek out to find the silver berry. The search led them to Ginger Village where Chocolat used to play as a child. There she met two fimilar people who used to give her ginger cookies. It was there that the Ombre's dog they brought to smell the silver berry led them to the forest where the ogres live. There Chocolat saw Pierre and both want to remember that part in the forest, so they decided to use magic in order to see their forgotten past. What did they see?? Suddenly a group came and took Pierre and took him and made him have a noir heart into him which made him forget about his childhood and about Chocolat. The group froze the forest and all the mermory of it. After they saw the past, Chocolat realized that Pierre was just an ordinary magical kid and he too have two hearts. When she told Pierre about it, he did not believe her and flew away. By then the dog returned and led Chocolat and her friends to the silver berry which was trap in a cage of ice. The silver berry was the red berry that she and Pierre ate while they were children. They took it back to her mother's friend and the powerful magic to break the black heart from Vanilla was finally finished. They all decided to go home and Waffle decided to stay in the magical world and go back to her house and study to become like Chocolat someday. 
48 "Noir and Tears of Friendship"
"Noāru to Yūjō no Namida" (ノアールと友情の涙)
Chocolat goes to Pierre's house alone to rescue Vanilla. Led by Pierre's cat, she finds Vanilla in a lot of pain. She then removes the noir heart from Vanilla and finds she has hurt Vanilla while being friends with her. Together with help from Pierre, Chocolat and Vanilla escape. But will Chocolat be intact from the power of noir heart? Afterward, Robin discovers that the noir heart chocolat picked up turned white. They discover that Chocolat has the power to purify noir hearts? Was Chocolat a Filtre just like her mother? 
49 "Queen's Final Test, Begin!"
"Kuīn Saishū Shiken, Kaishi!" (クイーン最終試験, 開始!)
The final test of the Queen selection starts! The test is to obtain a unicorn's horn. However, it is unapproachable unless the person has a kind heart and sincerity, then the white unicorn will appear. Approaching to the mountain where the unicorn lives, both of the girls met a boy with light hair, who takes care of the mountain. Pierre appears, but he doesn't have the heart to kill them at all. After fighting with his two hearts, he withdraws. The boy with light hair appears and scolded the girls for harming the mountain, admoishing the girls to leave as the unicorn would surely punish him for it. However, Chocolat insists to staying (Vanilla as well), willing to take what punishment the unicorn would impose. And the boy begins to glow... 
50 "Question from the Unicorn, the Heart Being Tested"
"Yunikōn kara no Kadai, Tamesareru Kokoro" (ユニコーンからの課題, 試される心)
Chocolat and Vanilla have to pass 3 tests by the unicorn before its willing to give them its horn. Eyes that can discern the truth, courage of heart against the unknown and the third test – which they probably don't have to take as the magical world may no longer exist... Pierre appears, no longer as himself, but as the King of Darkness – and he is here to reclaim both the magical and ogre worlds! 
51 "Shining Heart! The Next Queen Selection"
"Kagayaku Hāto! Jiki Joō Kettei" (輝くハート!次期女王決定)