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Chocola Meilleure (ショコラ・メイユール, Shokora Meiyuuru) is the main character of Sugar Sugar Rune. She is the daughter of Cinnamon Meilleure and a Queen Candidate against Vanilla Mieux.



Chocolat has long orange hair that is kept up in various hairstyles, large and bright green eyes and she has pointed ears.

She wears various outfits, and the only two that remain the same are her witch outfit and school uniform.

Chocolat's witch outfit consists of pink and brown. She has a belt on her dress. Her boots are brown and she has black and white striped stockings. Her gloves are pink. Chocolat's locket is in the shape of a heart, and her wand is pink and has a heart on top of it.


Chocolat is a short girl with brown hair, lime-green eyes and pointed ears. She often has various different outfits, but her two main ones are her school uniform and her witch outfits.

Her first witch outfit is a black (or blue. It's pink in the anime) mini robe that reaches her thighs, with a belt hanging around her waist. She wears a large hat which resembles the common witch, and black cape tinted red on the inside. She wears black and white socks which reaches her thighs, and dark buckled shoes. Finally, she wears her signature heart-shaped necklace, which holds her hearts.


Chocolat is an energetic girl with a forceful personality who is often using her aggressive personality make herself popular. This aggressive personality, however, only works in the Magical World; thus, becoming less popular in the Human World. Because of this, Chocolat is often jealous of Vanilla, often getting lots more hearts than she does. Regardless of the effects she receives from being less popular, Chocolat is still a very loyal friend, caring for when her friends are sad, angry.

Chocolat could also be considered a tsundere, due to how she feels around Pierre. This could also be because she doesn't want to admit to falling in love with a human, because of the consequences.


Chocolat, along with Vanilla Mieux, are both excited upon being Queen Candidates. These girls will compete with each other to grab the most hearts from the Human World.

Chocolat goes by Chocola Kato (加藤 ショコラ Katō Shokora) in the Human World, and after attending her first class, she is hit with embarrassment upon introducing herself. Confused, as to why people weren't adoring her. She finds the Human World to be peculiar, since she's so used to being popular in the Magical World.

Each time she finds herself in a situation of anxiety, unable to obtain hearts, and feeling as if she's losing to Vanilla, Chocolat would obtain the magical world catalog to purchase items that could possibly make her popular.


  • Her name literally translates to "Chocolate Best" in French with "best" being feminine.
  • Chocolat's hobbies consist of hunting frogs, and playing make-believe by being a cloud person or a spider girl.
  • Chocolat likes to eat chocolate and bone candy (starfish candy in the French version).
  • Chocolat favorite phrase is "I'm gonna knock you out!".


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