Chocolats wand


WARNING! Spoilers ahead, read the following information, at your own risk.

There are several spells used by witches (and ogres,) in the Human World. In magical world, it is not a requirement to say the name of a spell aloud; however, it is vital to do so in the Human World - because they won't be able to use magic, otherwise.

Agrandissement: This can be translated as 'aggrandising' or 'expansion' in English and Chocolat uses this, especially in the earlier chapters in the manga, to make things larger.

Attraper: In English, it can be called 'catcher' or 'trapper'. It is only use once, when Chocolat transforms the heart-shaped hairpin - into a key, to open her mother's diary.

Le Cercle du Cœur: In English, it can be translated as 'The circle of the heart'.

Galaxie Ambre: The English translation for this spell is 'amber galaxy.' Amber uses this spell in the very last chapter of the manga (Chapter 43.)

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